The hives: Where it all begins

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The story of Mierus begins straight from the hives, since there is the heart of the entire business.

The bee hives are placed in the wild area of Horezu acacia forests, at the foot the Carpathian, and our bee families have access to the purest nature relish and all you can hear around is the bee humming and the wind breath. The Horezu area is full of great wild acacia forests not only from Romania, but from all over EU.  Being harvested from this virgin area, far away from any polluted area, the beekeeping follows oldest traditions. No doubt Horezu honey is the best acacia honey in the world since old times.

It is well know that the Romans conquered Dacia being attracted by the natural resources of its wide rich lands especially in pure gold. Beside gold, they found something more valuable ̶ honey which they soon named ”liquid gold”.

This area is very popular with oldest beekeepers. From ancient times, the first Dacians were in search of untrodden paths of honey, this elixir that could be offered to Gods as a gift.

The beekeepers true devotion to the bee families, their passion in working with bees and nature itself and the amazing honey made by these beautiful creatures named bees urge us to present our customers the best Romanian honey. And we stored it in hexagonal organic shape, like a comb where the bees chose to deposit it from the beginning.

Simplicity, purity and elegance are harmonically mixed together in each Mierus product.