Acacia Honey

Allow yourself to taste nature in its purest depth with our wild acacia honey.
Straight from the foot of the abundant Carpathian acacia forests, our nectar preserves the nurturing and fresh flavor of early spring.

With its rich taste and creamy texture, our raw organic acacia honey will tingle your senses through its intense flavour.

Allow it to sweeten your day, starting with yoghurt and tea and ending with the most refined sweets you can envision.



Acacia honey is known all over the world for the power of replenishing lost energy immediately, both for body and mind.
Being a veritable source of vitamins and enzymes, acacia honey increase appetite, strengthens the immune system, regulates the digestive process and reduces inflammations in the respiratory system due to antibacterial properties.
Best choice for children and pregnant woman.


Fat 0,0%
Proteins 1,2%
Carbohydrates 311,36%
Energy 312,56 Kcal/100g
Weight 500g

raw-icon Natural

origin-bee-icon Acacia flowers

jar The packaging can be reused or recycled.

floral-source-icon Raw honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect to the honey other than colour and texture.