Mierus, your ally in beauty! A magical tonifying and revitalizing honey-based cocktail

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The „Nectar of Gods”, as it has been known since ancient times, honey is an essential ingredient in the composition of cosmetics and beauty recipes. Due to its rich nutritional content of glucose, vitamin B, calcium, iron and antimicrobial agents, honey represents the key element of the majority of skin, hair and nails care treatments.

Have you ever wondered how the TV stars manage to show off those bright and healthy curls? Moreover, you certainly wish your skin was radiating of beauty, being always hydrated and fresh, and your nails were stronger. Well, all these desires can get contour due to one single ingredient, which we all have within our reach – honey!

Honey-based beauty tips for a radiating skin

Obtained through a natural process, honey has a strong antiseptic, antioxidant and neutralizing effect. Thus, it neutralizes the free radicals involved in the skin aging process, disinfects and scars over, preventing the wounds of the skin from healing unevenly. Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, honey nourishes the skin very effectively, penetrating into the deepest layers of the epidermis and decreasing inflammation at this level. The sugars in its composition (glucose and fructose) have a beneficial effect as well- they attract water molecules on the surface of the skin, creating a hydrated, fresh and always young look. Therefore, a few teaspoons of honey help you have that radiating, moisturized skin, no matter the season!

Honey-based moisturizing masks are ideal for cell recovery, so never miss an opportunity to pamper yourself with them!

Mieruş’s suggestion? Find out a few simple recipes, compatible with all types of skin – they include only usual ingredients and offer a miraculous effect:

  • combining a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of lemon will get you a skin-purifying blend that improves skin texture, making it look younger and cleaner. In addition to this, it balances the secretion of sebum, stopping it from being overproduced;
  • the nourishing honey and clay mask (3 teaspoons of clay and 1 teaspoon of honey) cleanses the skin very deeply, offering it a delicate and smooth appearance;
  • the moisturizing mask with honey and eggs is recommended for the dry, dull type of skin, as it hydrates it into its deepest layers.

We also recommend using honey as a body treatment. It is enough to add a few teaspoons of honey in your hot tub water, so the skin of the entire body will get hydrated and nourished. Not for nothing would Cleopatra’s honey-based beauty baths have been known as being divine!

Honey for a healthy shiny hair

Honey has a positive impact on the scalp, due to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Moreover, it contains natural humectants which maintain the moisture of the hair, thus honey may be considered a helpful ingredient for treating the dry and damaged hair. Easily penetrating the structure of the hairline and due to its intense emollient properties, honey gives the hair a silky, shiny, moisturized look. Being so rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, honey speeds up the growth of the hair, regenerates it and increases its resistance to harmful agents (hair styling products, high-temperature hairdressing accessories).

Let’s find out some tips:

  • add honey to any hair conditioner to improve its elasticity and make it more silky and easier to coat;
  • in combination with lemon juice, honey can be useful for a natural opening of the hair color  a few shades;
  • the blend of honey and extra virgin olive oil helps to fortify and refresh the look of your hair.


Using honey for stronger nails

Honey prevents nail scratching by keeping them moisturized and healthy. Due to its antibacterial effect, honey is capable of speeding the healing of wounds and increases the immunological defense against microbial agents that can attack the nail (fungi, bacteria). Each and every woman dreams of those long and beautiful nails, so it is high time they make them look like that! The treatment based on honey and almond oil helps combating the fragility of the nails, while treating the affections that may appear at their level as well.

A true treasure for beauty, an elixir of nature that rejuvenates, energizes and beautifies us – all these are the attributes of honey!

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