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Mierus, the friend of the happy snacks, suggests a healthy option to indulge your sweet tooth, one that you can enjoy everyday without any sense of regret.

Placed between the world’s oldest aliments, it is not a secret that honey represented both the key ingredient of Cleopatra’s beauty rituals and a genuine cate of the Roman Empire.


We are all acquainted with the fact that honey is one of the healthiest foods, but do you take advantage of each and every of its properties? You can turn the jar of honey into the most appetizing ingredient of the kitchen! Use it to sweeten the biscuits that you take so much delight in eating along with a cup of steaming coffee in the morning, before facing a new day full of responsibilities. You are already looking forward to the next morning, aren’t you?

Even the lazy weekend mornings can become a little sweeter if you use honey as a topping for your pancakes and waffles. Last but not the least, when combined with the smoothies and protein shakes that you drink before going to the gym, honey provides you with the energy you need in order to break your limits and become proud of your accomplishments and evolution!


We have the reasons and the source of honey, you have the inspiration in the kitchen! What do you think, do you deserve Mierus’s spoil? Visit us on mierus.com or write us on contact@mierus.com and pamper yourself with the sweetest culinary experience!